The U.S. Masters Golf Tournament

The US Masters Golf Tournament is one of the four annual major golf tournaments in the United States. It is one of the most prestigious and sought-after golf tournaments in the world, with players from around the globe vying for the green jacket. The Masters has been held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia since its inception in 1934, and has become one of the most iconic golf tournaments in the world. The tournament is renowned for its rich history, challenging course, and dramatic moments that have left golf fans in awe for generations. From Tiger Woods’ historic victory in 1997 to Jordan Spieth’s incredible performance in 2015, the US Masters Golf Tournament has been witness to some of the greatest moments in golf history. It is an event that golf fans look forward to every year, and continues to produce some of the most exciting golf action.

History of the US Masters Golf Tournament

The first edition of the US Masters Golf Tournament took place in 1934, just five years after the start of the Professional Golfers’ Association. The tournament was held at the Augusta National Golf Club, which was the brainchild of two people: Mark and Charlie Armstrong. The Armstrong brothers were sons of a Scottish immigrant and had grown up playing golf on the open course in their hometown of Augusta, Georgia. The brothers created Augusta National in 1931 as an exclusive members-only club for the wealthy elite but decided to open it up for the inaugural US Masters tournament. The tournament grew in popularity over the years, and the Master's green jacket was introduced in 1952 as the tournament’s ceremonial prize. The Masters has seen several changes over the years, but it continues to be one of the most prestigious events in the golf calendar.

Course Overview

The Augusta National Golf Club is a phenomenal course that hosts the US Masters Tournament each year. The course is a Par 72, with 7,435 yards for the men and 6,855 yards for the women. The course is one of the most challenging on the PGA Tour, with several tricky holes and dramatic hazards. The course is notoriously tough on the golfers and has seen many meltdowns over the years. The course is heavily sloped, with a majority of the holes playing uphill. The course is known for its extreme weather conditions, as the players battle against the elements, such as rain and strong winds, throughout the tournament. The US Masters Golf Tournament is a grueling test of golf, and players must be prepared to battle against the course and the elements.

Notable Winners & Historic Moments

Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most wins, with 6 victories. Nicklaus’ first win came in 1963 when he famously broke a course record that stood for 32 years. Arnold Palmer’s first win came in 1960, and he went on to win the tournament three times. The tournament has also seen several historic moments over the years, including some of the most iconic shots in golf. In 1977, Tom Weiskopf made a clutch putt on the 17th hole to earn a birdie and win the tournament. In 1986, Bob Tway’s brilliant chip shot on the 18th hole earned him a dramatic victory. Tiger Woods’ legendary chip shot at the 16th hole in 1997 is also a memorable moment in the history of the US Masters. The tournament also saw one of the most stunning comebacks in 2003, when Corey Pavin came from 10 strokes behind to win the tournament.

Qualification Process

The qualification process for the US Masters Golf Tournament is highly competitive, with only the top players in the world making it through. The top 50 players on the Official PGA Tour Money List at the end of the PGA Tour Season qualify for the tournament. The reigning PGA Champion also gets an automatic entry into the tournament. In addition to these, the four previous Masters Champions and the leading 10 players in the Official World Golf Ranking also get places in the tournament. The rest of the places are filled by the highest finishers in the 2019 PGA Tour Season who are not otherwise qualified.

Prize Money

The prize money on offer at the US Masters Golf Tournament is massive, with the winner taking home a prize of $2.2 million. The other golfers who make it to the final round of the tournament get a share of the prize money as well, with the 10th-place finisher taking home $150,000.

Television Coverage

The US Masters Golf Tournament is one of the most-watched golf tournaments in the world and is broadcast across several different networks. The event is aired on CBS in the United States, with coverage starting from April 11. In the United Kingdom, the event is aired on Sky Sports. The other networks that air the event include ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and FOX. The Masters’ broadcast is also available online through WatchESPN and the Sky Sports website.

The popularity of the US Masters Golf Tournament

The US Masters Golf Tournament is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, with millions of viewers tuning in each year. The tournament has a rich history of producing thrilling moments and has become a phenomenon in the world of golf. The tournament has been rated as the second most-watched sporting event in the world, with an average of over 15 million viewers per year. The tournament has been televised since 1956 when NBC first acquired the rights to the event. The tournament's popularity has continued to rise over the years, and a global audience of millions now watches it.

Future of the US Masters Golf Tournament

The US Masters Golf Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the golfing calendar and continues to grow in popularity. The tournament has been hosted at Augusta National Golf Club since its inception and has become synonymous with the event. However, there has been some speculation that the tournament may move to another location in the future. The Augusta National Golf Club has faced a lot of criticism for its lack of diversity, with no women being allowed in the club. In 2018, the club faced criticism once again when it failed to admit the top-ranked female golfer, Lexi Thompson, because of a violation she had committed a decade ago. These controversies have led to speculation that the tournament may move to another location in the future.